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Frequently Asked Questions

Massage FAQs

What do I wear to the massage?

Whatever you choose to wear most likely won’t matter. Preferably something easy to get on and off, but that is for your convenience. During the massage you will be draped the entire time. There is a sheet and a blanket that you lie under throughout the time you are on the table. If your therapist needs to do any type of abdominal massage, a large hand towel will be placed over the breast area.


What do I take off for the massage?

The therapists will tell you to undress to your comfortability level, which means just that. Whatever you feel comfortable taking off is ok with us. Most clients undress to just their underwear, while some prefer to be completely undressed. If being completely undressed makes you uncomfortable then you won’t get the best results from the massage. If you do happen to leave clothes on the therapist will work through them to the best of their ability. Also don’t worry about being too cold as we do have heated tables!


What should I expect for my first massage therapy visit?

For your first massage visit expect to come 5-10 minutes early to fill out a health intake form. This way we are able to determine what type of massage will be best for you and to make sure you don’t have any contraindications (if massage can’t be performed due to medical reasons) for the massage. After the intake is filled out your therapist will greet you and take you back to the massage room. This is where your therapist will go over your intake form and will come up with your specific massage plan. The therapist will leave the room where you can undress to your comfortability level. Everything in the room is adjustable from the music, table heat, to the pressure from the therapist. At any point you feel uncomfortable speak up to your therapist and they will do their best to accommodate you. Once the massage is complete the therapist will quietly let you know the session is over and leave the room so you are able to get dressed. After you are dressed just come on out and the therapist will go over the session with you to see when would be best for you to come back.


Can I talk during the massage?

Yes! We have a surprising amount of clients that have asked if it is ok for them to talk or ask questions throughout the massage. While it is important to focus on the massage and relax, some people feel more comfortable talking with their therapist. Comfort is our number one goal and if you feel more comfortable talking during the massage that is fine by us!


How often should I come in for a massage?

This will most likely vary person to person. It depends on how your body responds to massage and what works best for you! We have a range of once a year to once or twice a week. People with complicated or chronic conditions would benefit more so from frequent and consistent massage then someone in good health with no tension, looking for just relaxation. Your therapist will look over your health intake and during your first visit, will go over your goals and help determine how often you should come in.


How much should I tip?

This is a tricky question. We do not expect tips so any amount is acceptable. Usually customers tend to frequently tip between 18-20% on the regular massage price.

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